Regal provides up-to-date data on how many contacts are currently progressing through a journey, how many have finished the journey and how many have stopped the journey.  

Data is updated every 15 seconds.

This data can be viewed for all journeys from the Journeys tab under the column "Journey Stats" or on an individual journey canvas page on the bottom right.




Additionally, journeys created after July 19, 2022 also display the count of contacts currently in each delay node.




Click on the count of contacts in the delay node to view the list of contacts in that delay node. You can see the contact's info (Contact Phone, First Name, Last Name, External ID), the current node they're in, when they entered the journey, and if they're currently in a delay node - how much longer before they'll be released You can also click on the count of in-progress contacts on the bottom right of a journey to view the full list of contacts in the journey, across all nodes.




📘 Note - Journeys Created after July 19, 2022

If you'd like to take advantage of this feature for a journey created before July 10, 2022, we recommend you duplicate the journey and save the new copy as live. Then turn the original journey to draft.