How to Add/Edit Dispositions, Tags, and Cancelation Reasons

You can add and update all of your task preferences in the Regal Voice app.

Click the Security Gear icon at the bottom left side of the Regal app to open up the Settings sidebar.

Settings Sidebar 



Navigate to Task Preferences to manage your Dispositions, Tags, and Cancelation Reasons. Each of these task attributes are in separate tables on the page.

Task Preferences




Each table lists the Name of the disposition/tag/cancellation reason as it appears on the task. As well as any description of the item, and timestamps for when it was created and last updated.

Edit or Delete rows in either table through the Actions column (last column in table).

Update Tables

To add new items to the tables, click the Add button under the corresponding table. You'll be able to add a name and a description. The description shows to agents who hover over the item while on a task. 

Add New Disposition/Tag/Cancelation Reason



Some live edits will require the agent to refresh the app before the attribute appears in the task.