The Audience page contains a list of all your contacts. A contact is defined as anyone who has provided a phone number.


The page contains basic information such as Contact PhoneExternal IDFirst NameLast NameCreated At, and Updated At, as well as opt in information.

You can manually subscribe or unsubscribe a contact from this page.


Audience PageAudience.png

To look up a contact, search by phone number, name, external ID, or email address in the search input.

Then click on the contact's name or phone number to open their Contact Profile. The Contact Profile contains a list of all attributes we've received about the contact - displayed as the key-value pairs.


🚧  Having Problems with Custom Properties?

The information in the Contact Profile can be very helpful when debugging why properties aren't being sent to the Regal app as you'd expect. The key-value pairs shown are not formatted in any way and are what is actually being sent to Regal.


Contact Profile



Conversation History

You're able to switch to a contact's Conversation History by using the dropdown menu in the upper right of the Contact Profile. The Conversation History contains a record of all completed tasks associated with a contact, including their dispositions, tags, and notes, any missed calls, as well as any messages that they've sent and received.




Event Feed

You're able to switch to a contact's Event Feed by using the dropdown menu in the upper right of the Contact Profile. The Event Feed contains a record of all custom events or Regal events associated associated with a contact. Note: this feature is currently in Beta. To request access, email




You can click on an event to see the detailed properties.