When a customer calls in, they will hear a pre-recorded message before they are routed to an agent.

If a customer calls in within business hours, they'll hear a "Welcome" message. If there are no available agents, after 30 seconds, the customer will be offered the opportunity to remain on the line or request a call back by pressing 1 (creating an ASAP Callback Task, and hanging up). This will continue until an agent answers.

❗️ Hang Ups

If a customer calls in during business hours and does not request a call back or speak to an agent before they hang up, by default a Return Missed Inbound Call journey is configured in your account to create a low priority call task to follow up with the caller.

If a customer calls in outside of business hours, they'll hear an "Out of Business Hours" message, and an ASAP Callback Task will automatically be created. 

🚧  More IVR Options

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