Regal offers a set of pre-built Reporting Dashboards so that you can understand how your campaigns, agents, and audience are performing. Data is refreshed hourly.


📘 Reporting License

Reporting Dashboards are provided under a separate per-seat license, so submit a ticket to sign up for Reporting Dashboards.


Within each dashboard, you can:

  • filter the data by common filters such a Timeframe, Hour of Day, Team, and Agent
  • download the underlying data
  • schedule recurring emails.


The following dashboards are provided:

  1. Overall Performance Dashboard - conversations, conversions, and revenue driven, as well as the underlying levers such as campaign sends, tasks completed and engagement rates
  2. Agent Activity Dashboard - agent-level stats, including available hours, tasks per hour and conversion rate
  3. Audience Dashboard - audience growth by lead source, subscribe rates, unsubscribe rates and engagement rates
  4. Campaigns Dashboard - counts of sends, response rates, etc. for sms and call campaigns at the campaign level
  5. Inbound Calls Dashboard - counts of inbound calls, missed calls, SLAs, etc. for inbound calls
  6. Outbound Calls Dashboard - counts of outbound calls, completion rate and answer rate
  7. SMS Conversations Dashboard - counts of sms tasks and handle time
  8. Experiments Dashboard - results of the experiments you are running through journeys
  9. Tasks & Messages Detail - a record for every task created and message sent/received
  10. Upcoming Scheduled Callbacks - a record for each scheduled callback in the future
  11. Branded Caller ID Dashboard - counts of branded calls and answer rate by carrier and phone line
  12. SLAs Dashboard - a deep dive into inbound answer rates and outbound speed to lead by task type, campaign, etc.
  13. Task Timeline Dashboard - input a task ID to view a timeline of events from created to completed/canceled
  14. Journeys Performance Dashboard - understand if incoming leads are triggering journeys, what volume of journey executions are resulting in actions (SMS, call tasks, webhooks, A/B split), and a log of journey edit history
  15. Journey Executions Detail - input a contact's phone number or External ID to view all of their journey executions or input a Journey ID to review a detailed log of executions under that journey and what actions (SMS, call tasks, webhooks, A/B split) were triggered

Additionally, Regal offers the ability for you to create custom dashboards based on any available data point or metric.


You can build dashboards that only you can view (personal folder) or dashboards anyone with a reporting seat on your team can view (group folder).



Submit a ticket to get started building custom reports.