Journey Builder is where you can create and edit a journey.



Building Blocks

Every journey starts with a trigger block. This is what decides who enters the journey and when.

  • Timing blocks let you add time in between other blocks based on certain criteria.
  • Logic blocks let you send contacts down certain paths depending on the logic you set up. For example, using a conditional match block, you can check if a contact has had a certain event on their profile in the past, and then split which way the contact goes next depending if yes or no.
  • Action blocks take action, such as send an sms or create a call task.

The following blocks are currently available.



Connecting Blocks into a Journey

Drag and drop a block from "Building Blocks" drawer on the right onto the canvas.
You can then connect the block to the Trigger block by clicking the "connector" circle from the bottom of the Trigger block and dragging a line to the top of your block. When they are successfully connected your block will highlight in a purple outline. You can then let go and the blocks will be connected. You can continue to string together other blocks.

To remove a connector line, hover over the line between the 2 blocks and a purple X will appear. You can click that to remove the connection.

Drag and Drop Blocks on the Canvas

Blocks that are not connected can remain on the canvas and will have no impact on the journey.


Journey Builder Toolbar




Zoom In - zoom into the canvas.

Zoom Out - zoom out in the canvas.

Organize layout - organize a journey's layout.

Copy - select a block or (multiple blocks by holding shift) and then click copy to copy those blocks.

Delete - select a block (or multiple blocks by holding shift) and then click delete to delete those blocks. You can also delete a single block by clicking the x on the top right of the block.

📘 Keyboard Shortcuts

Hold command on macs or control on windows and use the mouse pad to highlight an area of building blocks. Hold shift to select multiple blocks one at a time.


Other Journey Functionality

  • Edit Name - Click on the edit button to the right of the Journey's name to edit. Hit enter or the green checkmark to save the new name.
  • Save a Draft - To save a journey as Draft. No new contacts will enter a journey when saved as a Draft. However, contacts already in an existing journey that is switched from Live to Draft, will continue through the journey.
  • Save a Live - To turn a journey Live. While a journey is Live, new qualifying contacts will enter the journey.
  • Duplicate - To copy a journey.
  • Delete - To delete a journey. This will cause contacts that are currently in the journey to exit and remove the journey from your account.
  • Stop - To stop a journey. This will cause contacts that are currently in the journey to exit, and turn the journey to draft to prevent new entrances as well. It may take up to 5 minutes to fully stop all in-progress contacts. During that time, you should not turn the journey back to live.
  • Sticky Notes - To leave context for journey functionality and collaborate asynchronously with other admins in the account.
    • New notes can be added by clicking on the note icon in Journey toolkit.
      • Click icon and place note at desired location on the canvas.
      • Enter text and hit Submit to save note entry (or with keyboard shortcuts.)
      • Saved notes can be edited and deleted.