Phone Call Campaigns create Outbound Call tasks targeted at specific moments of the customer journey.

To create a Phone Call campaign, click New Campaign from the Campaigns page. Title your campaign, give it a description, and select the message type as Phone Call.

By default, the Campaign Type is selected as Triggered, which is the primary mode Regal suggests you engage with customers. Triggered campaigns are triggered by journeys based on customer actions.

If you need to send a blast campaign instead, submit a ticket and your Customer Success rep will set up a blast campaign for you.



Campaign Information for Agents

Give the campaign a nickname and describe the goal of the call for agents. You can also optionally add information about an offer and offer code, as well as a link to a call script. All of this information will be displayed to agents in the Campaign Information card of the Agent Desktop - so that they know what the call is about.


Dial Mode

Here you can choose the dial mode - there are currently 2 dial modes supported.

  1. Preview Dial allows agents to preview information about the campaign and the contact before accepting the call. Upon accepting the call, the system will start to dial.
  2. Power Dial instead automatically starts dialing as soon as an agent becomes available. It is typically twice as efficient as Click to Dial.

šŸ“˜ Preview Dial vs. Power Dial: Which Should I Choose?

We recommend Preview Dial for newer agents or for campaigns that require agents to do a bit of research before placing the call. We recommend Power Dial for more advanced agents and for campaigns that donā€™t require research beforehand.


From Number & Branded Caller ID

Next you can decide what phone number you want the phone call to come from. The call can come from a regular phone number or a Branded phone number. You can see how a branded phone call would appear to the customer on the right -- it will display your brand name, rather than just the phone number. This way a customer can see who is calling and is more likely to pick up. Depending on the use case, Branded Caller ID can lead to up to 30% improvement in answer rates.


Voicemail Instructions

Decide how you want agents to handle voicemails: No voicemail, Personalized voicemail and Pre-recorded voicemail. The first two options just instruct agents to not leave a voicemail or leave a personalized voicemail. The 3rd option - Pre-recorded voicemail - enables the agent to click the voicemail drop button on the Agent Desktop, which will leave a pre-recorded voicemail message and automatically disposition and close the task. See more about Pre-recorded voicemail drop here.

Conversion Event

If your Phone call campaign is driving toward a certain action you want the customer to take, add the name of that Conversion event here. It ensures that anyone who already completed the desired action, will be removed from the call queue. In the future, this field may also be used for reporting purposes.

Once your campaign is ready to be triggered, you can save it as Ready (otherwise you can save it as Draft).

šŸ“˜ Preview Your Campaign

You're able to preview your campaign after you've saved your Campaign. To do so, enter the phone number you'd like to receive the test call and click Send Test. You'll receive a call that will play a test recording. And you'll be able to see how the Branded Caller ID appears on your phone.

Note: Branded Caller ID must be set up ahead of time by working with your Customer Success rep. Email to set up Branded Caller ID.



šŸš§ Transactional Campaigns

Tasks will only be created for contacts if they're subscribed to the voice channel, in the case of Call Campaigns. If your campaign is transactional in nature - such as an account update - check the "Send to contacts even if they are not subscribed" box to ensure all contacts receive the call. For calls that are for Marketing purposes, do not check this box.