Campaigns are used to create automated moments of engagement with your customers.

  • An SMS Campaign triggers an automated SMS to customers. If a customer responds back to an automated SMS campaign, then that response will create an Inbound SMS task in the queue for your agents to handle.
  • A Call Campaign creates an Outbound Call Task in the queue for your Agents to handle.

On the Campaigns page, you can view a list of your current campaigns.

Campaigns can have two different statuses:

  1. Draft: The campaign has been created, but has not yet been saved as ready. That means it cannot be triggered by a journey.
  2. Ready: The campaign is ready to be triggered by a journey.

Campaigns page


👍 View Campaign Descriptions

As you build out many campaigns, the title alone will not be descriptive enough. To help with this, you can add a Campaign description when you build out a Campaign. To view a Campaign's description from the Campaigns Page, hover over the Campaign's name.

Click on New Campaign to create a new Campaign.