Managers can view a live, updating dashboard of their agents' activity from the Agents page.

Agents can be sorted alphabetically by name and can also be filtered by Current Status and Team. You can search for an individual agent by typing their name into the search input.

In the table, see what activity status each agent is in (and for how long), how many tasks they are actively working on, how many tasks are currently trying to reserve them, and the number of completed tasks for that calendar day.

Active tasks are displayed in their current state. A green phone icon represents a live call. And purple hung up phone represents an ended call that's currently in wrap up, and a text bubble represents an SMS conversation. Hover over an icon to see the customers's name and how long the task has been in its current state.

You can use this view to ensure agents are in the expected statuses and productively working tasks, and reach out to an agent directly if a task has been in a current state for too long to see if they need help.

Agents Page table

Agents Page table (update with what's live)


Definitions of the task columns:

Active Tasks: Tasks which the agent has accepted and is currently working on. Tasks in the Wrap Up state are also included as an active task. A red task icon indicates a task that has been in the Wrap Up state for over 5 minutes. Below the icons is a timer that indicates how long it has been since an agent last accepted a task.
Reservations: Tasks that have been reserved for the agent, but haven't been accepted yet. This means they are appearing on the agent's task list, but they have not yet accepted the task.
Todays Completed Tasks: The count of tasks the agent has completed in that calendar day. The calendar day is based on the timezone you've selected on the Settings page.


Clicking on an agent will open the Agent Slideout which can be used to modify an agent's status, teams, and skills.

Agent Slideout

Agents Slideout