One of the things that's special about Regal is how seamlessly you can move a customer conversation between calling and texting.

Imagine the customer you're on a call with says they can't talk right now because they don't have great cell service, but want to continue the conversation on text. With Regal, you can text with customers while on a call, after the call. Literally, at anytime.


Start an SMS Conversation

From Contact Search

You can start an sms conversation by clicking the purple plus icon in the upper right corner of the Agent Desktop.

Search for a customer by name or number and press the SMS (the speech bubble with an ellipsis) button.

You can even choose which phone number to message from before sending the text.

Search for a contact in the Contact Search.

Screen Shot 2023-11-03 at 4.20.21 PM.png

From a Call Task

If you already have a call task with a customer open, you can text the customer from the messaging input at the bottom of the Activity Feed. 

Note: You must first accept the call task to text the customer. This is for tracking purposes.

Messaging while on a Call


Respond to an Inbound SMS

When a customer messages in, an Inbound SMS task is created. To respond to the message, accept the task by clicking the purple Accept button (checkmark).

Once the task is accepted, if the customer messages in again, a new task will not be created; instead their message will just be added to the same conversation / task.

A purple unread messages badge will appear with the count of unread messages on any active inbound SMS task. The count is cleared when you message back to the customer or simply click the on the task card to acknowledge you saw it.

Once you complete the task, if the customer later messages in again, a new Inbound SMS task will be created.

Inbound SMS Task with 1 Unread Message

Inbound SMS Task with Unread Message


Images sent over SMS

Images sent through automated SMS campaigns or received from customers are rendered in the Activity feed on the Agent Desktop as an image.




To send an image, simply attach the file to the message panel via the page icon in the message window or drag/drop the image into the message box when you are on a live/accepted SMS task.



📘 Tip - Use Emojis!

Emojis are fully supported in the Activity Feed - click the emoji icon in the lower left hand corner to open a list of emojis to send to customers.