How to Schedule a Callback or Create a Reminder Task

Need to follow up later? Skip the pen and paper and schedule a task!

Sometimes you need to just schedule a follow up. Right from the Agent Desktop you have the ability to schedule a callback or a reminder!

scheduled callback task will create a new outbound call task at the date and time you've chosen. This is great for when you've agreed to give the contact a call at an agreed upon date and time. 

A reminder task is a flexible option designed for when you need to take some action other than an outbound call. This could be a reminder to follow up with an internal team member, to activate or cancel a subscription, or a reminder to contact the customer via text message. 

How to Schedule A Task

To create a scheduled callback or reminder task, click the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the Activity Feed and select the type of task you'd like to schedule.


From here, you'll need to select the desired date, time and timezone for the task to create. You also have the option of adding notes, which will show on the on the task once it's created. 

Once you are ready click Schedule and this will create a Scheduled Callback or Reminder Request. The request information will immediately appear on the Activity Feed.

The scheduled task will automatically be created and enter your Task List (if you are available) at the scheduled time.

Note that you'll still need to Summarize the existing task like you normally would to complete it.

A Note on Task Routing:

By default, Scheduled Callbacks will reserve to the agent who scheduled the task. If the task hasn't been accepted within 5 minutes, it will route to the next available agent. This is customizable at the account level so your Scheduled Callback routing may look different. 

Reminder tasks will reserve to the agent who created the task. Unlike Scheduled Callback tasks, Reminders will not route to another agent if not accepted within a designated period of time.