When customers call in, they will always be greeted by a pre-recorded welcome message in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) flow.

If customers call in outside of your predefined business hours, or if there are no available agents after a few rings, customers will be offered the option to press 1 and request a callback.

When a customer presses 1, the IVR confirms the callback request and the call is ended. An high priority ASAP Callback task is automatically generated and added to the callbacks queue for the next available agent.

Once agents are online, regardless of whether it's business hours or not (as long as it's not quiet hours), they can accept the ASAP Callback task to return the missed call.

If your organization has set up task routing, and the customer has a defined account manager or first contact for tasks, they will get priority over other agents for this call task.

ASAP Callback Task