Every call will be recorded by default.

Recordings can be turned off on an account level or on an individual call level. Your admins can request call recordings to be turned off for everyone at any time.

If you need to pause recording for any reason while on a call, you can click the purple Stop Recording button. To resume recording later in the call, such as after you've collected sensitive information, you can click the red Resume Recording button.

Stop & Resume RecordingStop & Resule Recording


Common use cases for pausing call recordings include:

  • If the customer requests that the call not be recorded
  • If you are going to collect sensitive information from the customer, such as their credit card information

Ask your manager, if and when you should be pausing recordings.

🚧  Consent to Record

If you choose to record calls, you need to comply with certain laws and regulations concerning call recordings. It is especially important to remember to obtain consent to record, when making an outbound call, by mentioning you're on a recorded line and complying with the customer's wishes to stop recording if applicable. For inbound calls, our pre-recorded IVR welcome message takes care of this for you.

Speak to your manager to ensure you have proper training on how to comply with call recording policies.