Always remember to wait to record your message after the beep.

Depending on the type of call, you may find half or more of your outbound calls are picked up by a customer's voicemail, and then it takes 20-30 seconds per call to leave a personalized voicemail message.

In Regal, a pre-recorded voicemail message allows you to save time by clicking a button to drop this pre-recorded voicemail - after the beep - and move onto the next call immediately.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An admin selects the "Pre-recorded Voicemail" option when creating a call campaign. This will enable the “Voicemail Drop” button on the call controls on the Agent Desktop.

Voicemail Drop Setting on Campaign

Voicemail Drop Setting on Campaign


📘 Campaign-specific Voicemail Drops

During campaign set up, the admin can select a different pre-recorded voicemail for each campaign, so that the messaging that's left is most relevant to the customer's specific situation.


  1. Once an agent hears a customer’s voicemail pickup, they should wait until they hear the beep and then click the voicemail drop button. This will automatically leave the pre-recorded voicemail, and it will automatically disposition and complete the call on the Agent’s behalf so that the Agent can move onto the next call.

Voicemail Drop on Call Controls

Voicemail Drop on Call Controls


❗️ Be Careful with Voicemail Drop!

This button is present on all outbound calls, even after they have been answered. Accidentally clicking this button on an active, outbound call will cause you to hang up on the customer, so be cautious!