What does Multitasking look like?

Accept new task reservations while you are working on older ones to increase your productivity.

As a reminder, your Task List on the Agent Desktop, you'll see both your active tasks - the ones you've already accepted - and new tasks currently reserved for you.

Since you can only ever be on one phone call at a time, your call task reservations will never exceed one. However, SMS tasks allow multitasking because you can handle many at once. Depending on what your admin set as your multitasking capacity, you may see as many as 40 SMS tasks at once. The best practice is to work 4-5 SMS conversations simultaneously.





You can close out accepted SMS tasks without responding to them if, for example, you just spoke with the customer on the phone and you know their issue was resolved. Clicking the wrap up button will open the conversation summary form and allow you to complete the task.