Tasks refer to any call or SMS conversations you will have with a customer.

All your Reserved and Assigned tasks are displayed in the Tasks List on the left side of the Agent Desktop until you either wrap/disposition the assigned task, or cancel/reject the reserved task.


Tasks List

Tasks [show summary icon on live call]


Each task includes either the name of the customer (if known) or their phone number (if name is unknown), and the type of task.

Task Types include:

  • Incoming Calls - Live calls from customers actively calling in.

  • Outbound Calls - Campaign created calls based on customer actions as identified by that customer's journey.

  • Manual Outbound Calls - Task created when you place a manual outbound call from the dial pad or a customer's activity feed.

  • ASAP Callbacks - Another type of outbound call task that is created when a contact places an inbound call during busy times and opts for a callback instead of waiting on hold, calls outside of business hours and requests a callback, or calls outside of business hours and does not hang up.

  • Scheduled Callbacks - The last type of basic outbound call task, these are created when an agent schedules a callback for a particular customer themselves. When the scheduled time arrives, the task will show in the Tasks list for the assigned agent.

  • Transfer Calls - Inbound call tasks created from a transfer by another agent.

  • Inbound SMS - An SMS conversations initiated by a customer in response to a journey related SMS, marketing blast, or general inbound communication for an agent to respond to.

  • Outbound SMS - A manual SMS task initiated by an agent.