You'll need to set your availability before you're able to start viewing tasks, making calls and messaging customers.

Once you are logged in and viewing your Agent Desktop, click the headset icon in the upper right hand corner of the Agent Desktop and set yourself to Available. When you are in the Available status, you are eligible to start receiving tasks.

Use the Availability Selector to set your status.


By default, Regal only provides two statuses: Offline and Available. However, more options can be added according to your needs. Your managers can request to add statuses such as "Break" or "Training" for example, by submitting a Support ticket

Ultimately, despite whatever statuses are available in your Regal instance, setting yourself to a status with a green indicator dot means you are able to handle tasks. While statuses with a gray indicator dot will make you unavailable and ineligible to receive tasks.


🚧  Remember to go offline when you're away!

At the end of the day, or if you step away from your desk for a break during the day, make sure to set yourself to an unavailable status so that you're not being assigned tasks when you aren't able to accept them!