Regal Lexicon (Terms You Should Know)

Here are some common terms used in the Regal app, along with their definitions.


Term Definition
Admin  There are 2 user roles - agent and admin. An admin performs managerial duties and therefore has access to all features in the Regal app, such as managing agents, journeys, and business settings.
Agent  There are 2 user roles - agent and admin. An agent primarily engages in call and SMS conversations, and therefore doesn't have access to all of the managerial functions within the app.
ASAP Callback  A task created when a contact places an inbound call and presses 1 to request a callback, calls outside of business hours and presses 1 to request a callback, or calls outside of business hours and does not hang up.
Campaign  An automated SMS or call task that's created by a journey or blast.
Contact  A user with a phone number who can be contacted. We use this interchangeably throughout these docs with the term Customer.
Contact Attribute  A specific detail, property or trait about a contact.
Event  A user behavior or action that happened to a user, such as Application Completed, Application Approved, Application Submitted, or Subscribed. 
Event Property  A specific detail or property on an event, such as applicationType.
Journey  A workflow that describes the personalized engagement pattern a contact will experience based on their unique Contact attributes and events.
IVR  Interactive Voice Response, an automated system that answers incoming calls and routes accordingly based on gathered responses.
MMS  Multimedia Messaging Service, a media file such as an image or gif that's sent via text message.
Queue  Queues allow you to categorize tasks and describe which agents are eligible to handle those Tasks based on their skills.
Scheduled Callback  A task created when an agent completes the callback request form. If the call is scheduled within 14 days, the task is created immediately but not surfaced to the agent until the scheduled time. If the call is scheduled for more than 14 days away, the task is not created until 14 days prior.
Skill  An attribute about an agent that determines which queues they are eligible to receive tasks from, such as Outbound Calls or Inbound SMS.
SMS  Short Message Service, a text message sent by an agent or automated campaign, or received from a contact.
Subscriber  A contact who has explicitly opted in to receive marketing SMS and/or calls.
Task  A call or sms conversation for an agent to handle. Task types include: Inbound SMS, Outbound SMS, Incoming Calls, Outbound Calls, Manual Outbound Calls, Scheduled Callbacks, ASAP Callbacks, Transfer Calls.
Transfer  Agents can transfer calls internally to other agents (Internal Transfer) or externally to an external phone number (External Transfer). They can warm transfer or cold transfer via the hold button.