Regal is the outbound phone, sms, and email sales solution built to drive more conversations, so you can hit your growth goals way faster. 


The Regal app streams in your customer events in real-time, provides a no code campaign builder for you to personalize the customer journey, and an agent interface where your agents can engage in revenue-driving calls and SMS conversations with your customers.


Real-Time Event Data

Regal streams customer activity in real-time from your website, app and any other data sources you connect to Regal, in order to power timely and relevant conversations based on customer behavior.


Recent Activity Page

Recent Activity Page

Call and Text Campaigns

Managers can create individualized call and SMS campaigns that are automatically triggered at the most relevant moments based on that individual's behavior tracked through real-time data ingestion. SMS campaigns send automated SMS messages, and tasks are created for agents when a customer responds to the message. Call campaigns automatically create outbound call tasks that are then Reserved for agents to accept (Assigned) and dial out in The Agent Desktop.


Campaigns List



Agents conduct conversations with customers from within The Agent Desktop (their default view)  based on tasks that are routed to them. When a customer responds to an automated SMS, it creates an Inbound SMS task for an agent to respond to. When a campaign triggers an Outbound Call task, an agent must set their status as Available to accept the task and start calling.


Other types of tasks include:

  • Outbound SMS - agents can initiate a manual outbound SMS to a customer (unrelated to an SMS campaign)
  • Manual Outbound Calls - agents can place a manual outbound call to a customer (unrelated to a call campaign)
  • Scheduled Callbacks - agents can schedule call tasks when requested by customers or at their own desired follow up cadence. These tasks become available to the agent at the scheduled time
  • ASAP Callbacks - customers can request an immediate callback if their incoming call is not answered in a timely fashion, or if they call outside of your business hours
  • Manual Outbound Emails - agents can initiate an email thread with a customer
  • Inbound Emails - agents can respond to inbound emails from customers

By having access to the customer's profile information, the customer's previous conversation history, and any information about the campaign itself, agents are empowered to have informed conversations with customers.


The Agent Desktop

The Agent Desktop