Regal is an event-driven customer engagement platform that creates opportunities for you to interact with customers in a personalized, timely, and relevant way.


Regal takes the guesswork out of which customers to engage with and when to engage with them by triggering call tasks and text messages at specific points in the customer journey based on a specific customer's unique behaviors, while also arming you with the information you need -about what they're looking for and their history with your brand- in order to have a great conversation with them.


📘     What does "event-driven" actually mean?

Regal uses event-based streaming to understand each customer's unique behaviors, so that we can power personalized journeys and experiences. This means that as customers hit certain points defined by your brand in the conversion funnel, an SMS message or call task will immediately be triggered.

For example, if a prospect were to partially complete a purchase funnel, Regal could be used to trigger a text message to engage the prospect while they're still actively considering your product. If they don't engage, but later click through an email, and get one step further in the funnel, Regal could be used to a trigger a well-timed call to the prospect to help them over the finish line.


The Agent Desktop is where you'll see all outstanding tasks available for you, such as outbound calls triggered off of event-based touch-points, inbound SMS messages when a customer responds to an automated text, and traditional incoming calls.


Our goal is to give you "super powers" so that even when you're not online, or you are busy with other tasks, customers are being engaged with in a timely, relevant and customer friendly way at the moments that matter most in their customer lifecycle. Then, as soon as it's time for a live conversation, the task is presented to you with the information you need to have a great conversation.


The Agent Desktop

The Agent Desktop