If you are not seeing new tasks appearing in your task list, you should double check that you are available to get tasks and that there are tasks in the queue. 


Check your status and ensure that you are set to available when you are ready to work tasks. This is the only way tasks in the queue will route to you.


If you are available and still not getting any tasks, first navigate to the tasks page to see if there are any upcoming tasks in the queue that are in "Pending" status. "Reserved" status means that they are showing to another agent, and it may be your coworkers who need to accept these tasks or change their status. "Wrapping" also means the task is being worked by someone else. You can also filter for pending to see if there are any unclaimed tasks without a target agent, or with you as a target agent.



Also check to ensure you have completed all of your current call tasks and are therefore not at maximum concurrency for a specific task type (for example, you can only ever be on one call at a time, so you won't get other calls till you wrap your last one). 

Use the Chat icon to follow up with us ASAP if you are still not getting tasks after confirming the above.