Regal Live is a dashboard tool built to give you real-time insight into your contact center's key metrics. Managers are able to access Regal Live by clicking on the speedometer icon at the top of the left rail. Several metrics are newly available in real-time here, refreshing every 15 seconds automatically.



The metrics currently available are as follows:

  • Created Tasks: Tasks created today. This is grouped by Task Type.
  • Waiting Tasks by Queue: Tasks that are currently in queues that have not been accepted by an agent yet. This is grouped by queue.
  • Completed Tasks by Queue: Tasks that have been completed today. this is grouped by Queue.
  • Conversations: Tasks that have been completed today with a disposition that indicates a conversation happened.
  • Available Agents: The number of agents currently available to accept tasks.
  • New Leads Contacted: The percentage of contacts created today that an agent has contacted today.
  • Inbound Call Abandon Rate: The percentage of Inbound Calls received today where the contact hung up before an agent could answer.
  • Progressive Dial Abandon Rate: The percentage of progressive dial tasks dialed today where the contact answered but was not connected to an agent.
  • Outbound Answer Rate by Campaign: The percentage of outbound calls made today answered by contacts measured using whether the disposition indicates that a conversation happened. This is grouped by campaign.
  • Completed Tasks by Agent: Tasks completed today grouped by the agent who completed them.
  • Agents: List of all agents and their current status.