Within the Conversation Intelligence navigation menu, you'll also find an "Insights" tab, which is a dedicated reporting dashboard that summarizes the data collected across your call conversations.

Call Stats

The dashboard includes various call statistics such as talk/listen/silence ratios and longest monologue durations across agents, as well as average sentiment scores for both contact & agent. Sentiment scores are based on a method called the VADER sentiment analysis, which in a nutshell looks for positive, negative, and neutral words & short phrases in the text based on a pre-defined library, and calculates an average for the text. It does not assess tone or context.

Conversion Rates


As long as your account is configured such that Regal knows your "conversion" events for different campaigns, then you can also see how conversion rates correlate with any of the other stats in the dashboard.

Tracker Reports


The dashboard also shows useful statistics for the Trackers that were detected across your calls. Specifically, you can see the frequency with which each Tracker is detected, the average length of calls that have a specific Tracker, and the conversion rate for calls with each Tracker.

You'll also be able to see by agent what percentage of their calls have various Trackers.