Scorecards can be used in Regal by managers to review and QA their agents' calls directly within the app, replacing the need to manage forms and spreadsheets externally. View a product walkthrough below:

Creating & Managing Scorecard Templates:

Within the Conversation Intelligence tab, click "Scorecard Templates" to manage and create your scorecard templates. For each template, you can add up to 25 questions, choosing from two question types: Yes/No or Scale 1-5. You can also assign a point value to each question, which will be used to determine the overall score of the call.


Scoring a call:

From within an opened transcript, click on the "Scorecards" tab in the right pane. Here you can choose from the scorecard templates you created in the previous step and begin filling out the questions.

The points earned for each question are determined by the question type, the response selected, and the max earnable points as defined in the template. For example, a 10-point Yes/No question will earn the full 10 points if you choose Yes, and 0 otherwise. A Scale 1-5 type question will earn points incrementally (i.e choosing a response of 5 will earn the full 10 points, but choosing a 3 will only earn 5 out of 10 points). Choosing N/A will exclude this question from the Overall Score calculation.

You can also click to add a note for each question, as well as add Overall Remarks.

Click Save to calculate the Overall Score for the call. The Overall Score is reflected as a percentage out of 100%, and is calculated by dividing all the points earned across the questions by all the points that were possible to earn.


After saving, you can always edit the responses and save again, or choose to fill out another review for the same call.


Searching for calls based on Scorecards:

In the list view, there are a number of filters dedicated to Scorecards:

  • Scored by Scoring Template: select one or more of your Scorecard Templates to filter down to only the calls that have been scored by any of those
  • Call Score: select different score range options to filter down to only the calls that have a score in that range. E.g. find low-scoring calls by choosing 0-20%, 20-40% only
  • Not Scored by Scoring Template: select one or more of your Scorecard Templates to filter down to only the calls that have NOT been scored by any of those. Useful for building up a list of calls to work through.

Reviewing Aggregated Scores:

In the Insights tab, use the dropdown menu in the top right of the page to navigate to the "Scorecard Dashboard". Here you'll be able to see the number of calls scored and average scores over time by Agent, Scorecard template, and more.