Creating & Using Conversation Trackers

Conversation Trackers are special tags added to calls based on rules you define. Admins will see a “Trackers” page in the left sub-nav menu where they can manage Tracker definitions.

To define a Tracker, input a comma-separated list of keywords & phrases. If any of those terms are detected in the transcript, the call will be tagged with that Tracker. Note: only new calls after creating/updating a Tracker will be tagged (old calls are not retroactively tagged).



Trackers can be used in powerful ways across the app. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Using Trackers to find specific calls:

Select one or more Trackers in the list view to filter down to interesting calls. All calls with any of the selected Trackers will be shown.

Seeing Trackers in Transcripts:

When clicking into a specific transcript, you can see all the Trackers that were detected for that call. They will appear directly in the relevant parts of the transcript, as well as in the Search pane where you can click them to quickly find where in the transcript they appeared.


Controlling Journeys with Trackers:

Use Trackers to automatically power desired follow-up actions by using them in Journey trigger nodes or conditional nodes. After every call, a call.transcript.available event will be emitted (similar to the call.recording.available event) which you can reference in the Journey nodes. Use the property conditions to check the trackers json element in the event, which contains a list of all Trackers found in that call.