Reviewing call recordings & transcripts

With Conversation Intelligence, you can access a detailed and auditable view of your call conversations in the Regal app. Once enabled, a new tab will appear in the main left navigation menu, called “Conversation Intelligence” 

Here you will find a list of Recordings & Transcripts, and be able to click into any item to see a detailed view of that transcript.

Which calls will appear in the Recordings & Transcripts list view?

Currently only completed calls made in Regal’s Contact Center app will automatically show in the list of Recordings & Transcripts. If you would like to see recordings from another source, please get in touch with


Audio controls & transcript interactivity:

Clicking into a recording from the list view will open the transcript in a new page where you can listen to the recording and read along at the same time. 

  • Full playback controls allow you to play/pause, skip forwards/backwards, and adjust the speed to be slower or faster. 
  • Auto-scroll can be toggled on or off, but is enabled by default, keeping the playing moment of the transcript centered in your screen.
  • Clicking on a line in the transcript will automatically jump to that part of the audio.


How to use in-transcript search?

In the Search pane to the right of the transcript you can enter any number of search terms (with a 3 character minimum). The results will return all transcript moments in which any of the search terms was found. Clicking on a result will jump to that part of the transcript and begin playing the recording.


Why do some recordings say "Transcript Not Available"?

  • It can take up to 1 minute after a call is completed to transcribe and process the results. Try refreshing the page after a short wait.
  • If there is no speech content in the recording (common for shorter calls where a customer doesn’t pick up), there will be no transcript content to display.
  • Transcripts will only be generated for subscribed agents. Check that the agent who made the call has transcription enabled. Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you would like to add them.
  • Transferred calls and Barged calls are not supported.
  • On rare occasions there may be an error during transcription. Reach out to Regal Support for help investigating. 

Which languages are supported for transcription?

English transcription is enabled by default, but Spanish language detection and transcription can be enabled by request. Note that calls with both English and Spanish content will only be transcribed in the language which is dominant in that recording.