How to Add More Than One Phone Number or Email Address to a Contact

Your customers may provide you multiple phone numbers or emails to contact them. For example, they may have a mobile phone and a work phone, and you may want to call them on one, and if they don't answer, call their other phone.

Adding a phone number or email address to a contact

If you're having a conversation with a contact and they provide another way to reach them, you can add that new phone number or email to their profile. To add a phone or email from the task view on the Agent Desktop, click the edit icon next to the contact's name on the top right. 

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From the edit form, click "Add Phone Number" or "Add Email". 

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You can enter the new phone number or email and set a custom label based on the information the customer provided, and save. If you don't fill in a label, it will just default to "Phone" or "Email". 

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You can view up to 2 phones and emails on a profile, and click "See More" to view the rest. The primary phone and primary email will appear as the topmost phone and email. The rest are just in alphanumeric order.

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Updating the Primary phone or email

The first phone and email added to a contact profile are set as primary, however, you can update which phone and email are primary. Click the edit icon next to the contact's name in the profile section of the Agent Desktop, then click the star next to whatever phone and/or email you want to set as primary, and save.

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Journey triggered campaigns (SMS or call tasks) are only sent to the primary phone. This is to avoid generating many calls and texts to a single contact.

📘 Subscription Preferences

The subscription preferences that are displayed on the Agent Desktop are for the primary phone and email.

If you update the primary phone number, be mindful that if that new primary phone does not have opt-in, it will not be able to receive Journey triggered SMS and calls. So be sure to ask for opt-in from the customer before updating to primary. Once you've updated the primary phone or email, you can then subscribe that new phone and email to the channels the customer agreed to right from the Agent Desktop.

Note: If the customer has a landline and a mobile phone, and they prefer you to call them on their landline, but you want to make sure you can still text them, we recommend you make the mobile phone as primary, and just update the custom label for the landline to "Call this" or some equivalent. That will make it clear to other agents that even though that landline number isn't set as primary (because it cannot receive SMS), it is the number the customer prefers you to call.


Calling or texting another number of a contact

If you are on a task for a contact and they don't respond to your call for example, you can quickly call or text them on another number by hovering over the number and clicking either the call or SMS icon. 

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This will create a new task for that number - the number a task is for will appear on the task card. Note: you will have to disposition and close out both tasks separately. For example, the first call may have resulted in No Answer so that's how you would disposition it. But the second call may have resulted in a conversation which would warrant a different disposition.  

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Looking up a contact

From the Agent Desktop, you can search for a contact by phone or name. When you search by name and choose to call, text or email, the task will automatically be created for the primary phone or email. If you search by phone, the task will be created for whatever phone you searched.

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Viewing the unified conversation history of a contact

When viewing the Activity Feed of a contact, you will see conversations across all the phones and emails of the contact.

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Viewing contacts in the Audience page

From the Audience page, you can search for a contact by phone, name or External Id. The contact record that is returned will display the primary phone in the Audience list view.

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When you select that contact and view their profile you will see all the phones and emails of that contact. 

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Toggling to the Conversation History shows a unified view of all conversations across all phones and emails of the contact. Toggling to the Event History displays a unified view of all events across all phones and emails of the contact.

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1. Can I remove a phone number or email address from a contact? Not yet, but that is on the roadmap. In the meantime, if you want to remove a phone number or email address from a contact, please create a support ticket so we may do it on your behalf.

2. Can I add a phone or email to a contact that already exists on another contact (shared phone numbers, like landlines for example?) No. At this time we do not support shared phones and emails across contacts. You will receive the below error message. However, we are actively working on the ability for contacts to share the same phone, and expect to release a solution in Q1 2024.

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3. Can I manually merge 2 contact profiles from the Agent Desktop? Not yet, but that is something we are considering for the product roadmap. Please reach out to if you want to request this feature.