Managers have the ability to barge into live calls in Regal. Managers can start barging into calls by opening the Task Slideout for the call.

There are two ways to access the Task Slideout in Regal - by clicking on a task on the Agents page or the task type on the Upcoming Tasks page.


You can start barging into a live call by clicking the “Barge” button. This will only be present when there is a live call to barge into. Like a classic phone conference, you can hear and interact with both the agent and the contact when barging. You can stop barging anytime without affecting the call by clicking “Stop Barging”. 

Please note that, unlike a regular transfer, if either the agent or the contact hangs up while you’re barging into a call, the call will end for everybody, including yourself. 

If you’d like to listen to a live call without interacting with the participants, check out our article about How To Listen To A Live Call.