Gryphon is a compliance provider that dynamically maintains federal, state, and other do-not-contact (DNC) lists, as well as state-of-emergency statuses (e.g. of citizens affected by a natural disaster in a particular region at a particular time).

Regal’s Gryphon Check blocks calls to leads on DNC lists or in a state of emergency so you can respect your customers’ status and preferences. Calling customers of either status can have legal repercussions.

Note: At this time, the Gryphon Check is supported for all call-related tasks.


The Gryphon Check is generally available on request. For access, please fill out this request form or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Call Blocking

Regal will block calls to DNC contacts based on your setup preferences. If an agent accepts a call task or dials out to a number on a relevant DNC list, Regal will

  • wrap up the task before ringing out
  • remove the task from the agent's task list
  • show a success toast confirming the call was blocked by Gryphon
  • add a disposition:"Gryphon DNC" to the task

Any call tasks with the disposition "Gryphon DNC" were blocked by Gryphon, and you can assess the total number of Gryphon-blocked calls using the Reporting dashboards.


Let's say you've configured a campaign called "Sales" in Gryphon to check against federal and state DNC lists. You requested that Regal use the "Sales" Gryphon campaign when blocking calls, and that this campaign only be used to block Scheduled Callback and Manual Outbound Call tasks.

Contact Lily has opted into the federal DNC list.

If Lily calls in, the call is allowed and will ring out as normal, since Inbound Call tasks are not set to check against a Gryphon campaign.

If an agent manually dials out to Lily, the call will be blocked, since Manual Outbound Call tasks are checked against Gryphon's "Sales" campaign, which recognizes Lily as being on a federal or state DNC list.