Referencing Triggering Event Properties

In conditional nodes,

  • Users can compare any Custom Event or Regal Event properties on the user against the triggering event properties.
    • This is available only when a string field is selected for evaluation.
  • You can use handlebars to reference properties from the trigger event of the journey. Properties from other events cannot be referenced dynamically for comparison.
    • To see a list of available triggering event properties for reference, type the opening double curly brackets (aka handlebars) {{}}
    • You must prepend the property name event.
    • You can then keep typing or scroll through the selector and click the option you want to include. 

Example Journey for Prior Purchase Check

  • In below example, we are checking whether the purchased item of the new purchase (Journey trigger) matches any previously purchased item names. 
  • If yes, send repeat purchase SMS. If no, send new purchase SMS.


Example Journey for Calendly Cancelation Check

  • In this example, the trigger event is a Calendly Schedule event that contains the property meeting_id
  • After delaying until right before the initial scheduled time, we want to check whether the meeting has been canceled during the wait period.For Calendly cancellation events, meeting_id is the same as the initial scheduled event.
  • Therefore we want to dynamically check whether there was a Calendly Cancel event on the user with the same meeting_id. If yes, it would indicate the original meeting has been canceled. If no, then we would go ahead and create the call task

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