How to Manually Reassign a Task to a Different Agent

Routing Rules programmatically determine which agents tasks are presented to. However, there are times when a manager may need to manually intervene to reassign a task to a different agent.

📘 Reassign Is Only Available Before a Task is Accepted

Currently, Regal only supports the ability to reassign task before an agent has accepted the task, when it's still in the "pending" or "reserved" state. Once a task is accepted by an agent, it cannot be reassigned. If it's a call, the agent can transfer the live call. But if it's an SMS task, the task cannot be reassigned, and the intended agent should instead start a new task / conversation.

Prior to a task being accepted, it can be reassigned by selecting the Task - either from the Agents page or Upcoming Tasks page, and activating the Task Details slide out. There, you'll see the "Override Agent" field with a dropdown to select an agent.

Select the agent you want to assign the task to. If that agent is available, the task will immediately reserve them (and be presented on their agent desktop). If the agent is busy or in an offline state, the task will be presented to them once they become available.


Manually Reassign to an Override Agent