How to Track and Manage Contacts You Own

If you are responsible for owning the the end-to-end customer relationship over a potentially long engagement cycle with multiple touchpoints, you need a view that enables you to engage with your contacts, any way, any time. With the "My Contacts" view in Agent Desktop, you can search for a contact, get context from their past conversation history, and reach out to them via phone call or SMS.


The "My Contacts" feature is available upon request. Please let us know if you'd like to access this feature. Once enabled, the "My Contacts" view will appear in your navigation menu.

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Define contact ownership 

Contacts are assigned to agents using the contact attributes set in the Contact Lists settings page. If a contact has the agent's email address set for any of these attributes, that contact will appear in the agent's My Contacts list. Contacts can appear in the lists of multiple agents, if owned by multiple agents. The rvProperties.contact_owner_email attribute is automatically referenced when mapping contacts to agents.  Screen Shot 2024-06-20 at 4.48.46 PM.png

Search for a contact 🔍

To search for a contact, use the search bar above the contact list. You can search by first name, last name, phone number, or external ID.

You can set this property via segment upload. If you need to set it more dynamically on a regular basis, please reach out Regal support to discuss your needs.

Searching Your Contacts

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Get context about a contact 📖

When you select a contact card from the list, you are able to view their past conversation history in the activity feed, as well as their profile details on the right-hand side. All contact attributes, including name and subscription preferences, can be edited from this view, with the exception of phone number.

Profile and Past Conversations

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Reach out to a contact ☎️

You can engage with your leads directly from the "My Contacts" view:

  • Start a phone call via the + button at the top right of the page or by clicking the phone icon next to the contact name in the activity feed. You must be set to an active status to make phone calls.


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  • Send an SMS or MMS from the text input.


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  • Schedule a callback or reminder task via the calendar icon at the top right of the activity feed.


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Calls and texts initiated in the "My Contacts" view will appear as active tasks in the "Current Tasks" view. You can handle these tasks from either the "Current Tasks" or "My Contacts" views, as you prefer.


Wrap up the conversation 🎉

When you actively engage with a contact in "My Contacts," a wrap-up icon will appear at the top of the feed. You can wrap up the task by clicking this icon and inputting a disposition.

Wrapping Up

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If there are multiple active tasks associated with a contact, the wrap-up modal will apply to the most recently accepted task, which is referenced in the 'Task Details' section of the modal.

Tasks that are wrapped in "My Contacts" view will disappear from the "Current Tasks" view.