How to Add Branded Caller ID and Remove Carrier Spam Filtering on Outbound Calls

Regal integrates with the major cell carriers in the United States to allow you to display your brand name across 400 million mobile phones. You can view and brand your phone numbers from the Phone Numbers page in Regal.

Note: Please contact your Regal account team for questions about or help with branding, spam remediation, or provisioning additional outbound numbers.

To Brand and/or Spam Remediate Your Numbers:

Step 1

You first need to set up a business profile and go through an approval process to ensure you have correctly represented yourself. You can proceed to step 2 and upload phone numbers before business profile approval, however phone numbers will not be submitted to carriers until your business profile is approved.

Check that your business profile is accurate and up to date by visiting the Phone Numbers page > Business profile tab, and clicking Edit.


Step 2

Download the CSV template from the Branded Caller ID tab, or use this one for reference: bcid_template.csv

Add your phone numbers to the downloaded CSV and fill out the fields for each number.

  • Country Code: This should be 1 (unless your country code is different)
  • Phone number: Upload in the format xxxxxxxxxx
    • Example: 2398429250
  • Friendly Name: This is for internal use. Name the phone number something that is useful for you. This will not be passed to carriers.
  • Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile Spam and Branding: Indicators of if you would like the phone number to be spam remediated and branded on each carrier.
    • 'Spam Remediation' and 'Branded Caller ID' values must be Yes/No (not TRUE/FALSE).

Numbers can be spam remediated without being branded, but they cannot be branded without being spam remediated. If you would like a number to be branded you must also choose yes for spam remediation on that carrier.

  • 32 and 15 Character Branding: If you chose 'yes' for branding on any carrier these are mandatory fields. If you chose no for all characters, you do not need to add anything here.
    • These are the display names that will show when you call someone. For example:

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 10.12.58 AM.png

  • Reporting Group is optional: it's meant to be used if you wanted to group your phone numbers for reporting purposes; it won't be passed to carriers.

Step 3

Click Add or Update Numbers, and submit the CSV you filled out. Once submitted, you'll see the status marked as 'Submitted for Review' for each phone number. The status will update to Approved once the phone number has been approved by the carrier, and your branding will start to display.