Sometimes you may encounter an error or alert message/banner within Regal - use the notes regarding each message below to understand why this error or alert occurred and what the next steps are. 



Call failed to connect. Contact phone number is blocked or malformed.

This error can occur when a contact's phone number is invalid or they have blocked calls from your originating phone line. 




Call failed to connect. Contact phone number is in a geography not covered in your account.

This error occurs when a contact's phone number is outside of the country codes your account is currently set to make outbound calls to. If you believe this is an error and you should be able to dial out to the contact, please message our team via the in-app chat widget.




Microphone access required - Regal Voice requires your browser's microphone to work correctly. For more information, including how to change this setting, click here

Regal requires access to your microphone via your browser settings. Your microphone settings can be edited via the following steps:

  1. Select the lock icon in the address bar of the Chrome browser
  2. Toggle the microphone option to on (if it is available and set to off), if not proceed to step 3.
  3. Select Site Settings
  4. Set the Microphone permission option to "Allow"
  5. Close settings and refresh the Regal page



Loading brand data failed: Response not successful: Received status code 403.

This error is likely to occur if you have left your workstation logged into Regal for an extended amount of time. To resolve, log out and refresh the Regal page. If the error persists - please contact our Support team via the in-app chat widget.