Task Auto-Complete is a feature that automatically summarizes tasks for agents after they have been idle for a period of time. This helps ensure that agents are always working on active tasks and that new tasks aren't blocked by old ones that aren't being acted on in an agent's backlog.


Managers are able to configure Task Auto-Complete settings for voice and sms tasks separately from the General Task Preferences settings page. There are 2 settings that determine how tasks are auto-completed when the feature is enabled:

  • Idle Timeout: How long a task must be considered "Idle" before showing the Task Auto-Complete countdown banner.
    • This timer starts after a call ends or an agent sends an sms.
    • The timer will reset and stop any time a contact sends an sms.
  • Countdown Timer Duration: The length of time that the Task Auto-Complete banner is shown after the Idle Timeout has elapsed.


After the Task Auto-Complete banner hits 00:00, the task will be automatically completed for the agent with a disposition of "Autocompleted". It will then disappear from the agent's task list and they will receive a notification letting them know that the task was auto-completed.